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SO LIKE I’M FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW. Mentally that is. Math quiz tomorrow. There’s supposed to be 4 questions.

Well first, in my math lecture he said the average for his class was a 2.9 … A TWO POINT FREAKING NINE. And then if you show up for the quiz section, you get a 3.0. If you bring a “brilliant idea” in, you get a 3.5 Some might say 3.0 is pretty good, but my math teacher thinks that that’s already too generous. Meaning if he had it his way, he would give us like a 2.5 for showing up.

I went to the math study center today. I think all the people sitting at the math 124 section were in my class… I got some help. Thought I understood most of it and went home. Took a freaking long nap because I absolutely could not roll out of my warm bed. And apparently I said some stuff in Chinese to Cuong while I was sleeping/half asleep. I do remember being frustrated because he didn’t understand LOL.

I found the math webassign homework tutors, that are available 24/7. And good god I’ve been on it for at least two hours now. I had multiple chat windows open because there’s a wait and the tutors/people take forever. Now I’ve been second in both chats for the past 20 min. What even. Sigh…

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